A Perfect Solution for Managing AutoCAD Slide/Libraries and Hatch Patterns .

What is CADSlide?

CADSlide is a simple and powerful Windows application for managing Autocad Slides (SLD),Slide Libraries (SLB) and Hatch Patterns (PAT). CADSlide not only allows you to operate with slides and slide libraries the same way as Windows Explorer works but allows you to view slides without AutoCAD, to print graphically complete libraries and even make Adobe PDF files out of them.

The CADSlide will allow you to:

  • Display directories of slides and complete slide libraries with thumbnails. 
  • Create a new library.
  • Copy or move slides from a directory to a library.
  • Extract or delete slides from a library.
  • Copy or move slides from a library to another library.
  • Convert a slide to DXF file format.
  • Convert a slide(s)  to WMF, EMF, BMP, PNG or JPEG file format.
  • Make a slide from BMP file.
  • Copy a slide to Windows clipboard as WMF format ( the easy way to import slides into MS Office or AutoCAD as a vector image).
  • Print a slide (as well as a complete library).
  • Make Adobe PDF file (without any additional software) out of a slide or complete library.
  • Display a hatch patterns file (*.pat).
  • Edit a hatch pattern and immediately view results.
  • Make Adobe PDF file out of hatch patterns file.  

Download a 30-day trial version
Download the help file

Download the Sample - All AutoCAD predefine hatch patterns.
This PDF file has been created with CADSlide out of acad.slb libray.

Free download - a rich collection of 199 AutoCAD hatch patterns (include PAT, SLB and PDF files)

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