Release EFM version 2.19.1.



  Release EFM version 2.18.1.
  •    Full support  AutoCAD 2018 format.
  •    Support Windows 10.
  •    DWG versions converter.



  Release EFM version 2.13.1.
  • Full support  AutoCAD 2013/2014 format.



  Release EFM version 2.10.1.
  •    Full support  AutoCAD 2010 format.
  •    History and drawing versions .
  •    Convert PLT to DXF
  •    Open file in AutoCAD as read only



  Release EFM version 2.8.1.
  • Full support  AutoCAD 2009 format.

  • Advanced memory management. .

Released EcadConvert version 2.1 (part of EFM Suite) .

  • Full support AutoCAD 2009 format..

  • Batch convert  DWG,DXF and DWF to DWG, DXF, DWF, PDF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF.

  • Batch convert DWF to DWG and DXF.




  The French localization version of EFM and CadSlide is available at




  Released EFM version 2.7.1 .
  • Convert DWG and DXF files from/to any AutoCAD format (up to 2008)  .

  • Convert DWF files  to DWG file format.

  • Convert DWG, DXF files to DWF file format.

  • supports AutoCAD 2008



  Released EFM version 2.7.0 .
  • New super fast DWG viewer, full supports AutoCAD 2007 format.

  • Added viewing for RTL, SVG, CGM file formats.


Released CadSlide 1.5 .

Convert a slide (SLD) file to AutoCAD compatible DXF file



Released EFM version 2.6.1 .

  • Convert PLT (HPGL) files to DXF .

  • Print DWG / DXF catalogs.

  • Portable USB license. Give EFM owner an ability to use EFM with any USB removable disk anywhere.  


  • May

    Released EFM version 2.6.0 .

    Full support for AutoCAD 2006.  Base support for AutoCAD 2007. Fast View for DWG and PLT files.

    EFM Quick View (formerly EFM LT) now supports Fast View for DWG and PLT files.

    Display thumbnails for PLT, DXF and old DWG files.



    Released EFM version 2.5.1 including:

  • Line Merge for PLT to PDF converting (EFM LT/PLT, EFM Standard, EFM Subscription).

  • PDFTools - merge, split and delete pages in PDF file  (EFM Standard, EFM Subscription).

  • Batch LINE MERGE for any number of PDF files (EFM Subscription).

  • The EFM Browser supports thumbnails for PDF and any file extensions which supports thumbnail viewing from MS Windows Extensions (Windows ME, 2000 or XP).

  • Built in text editor (Notepad alternative) - big file size, Syntax Highlighting for AutoLisp, VB, VBS, HTML, XML ..., Check Brackets Balance, Bookmarks, Column mode, Load LSP file in AutoCAD.


  • January

    EFM Now Supports Line Merge for any single page PDF file. The BlendPDF utility is included in EFM Standard and EFM Subscription products. Download BlendPDF.exe and copy it in EFM directory




    Released EFM version 2.4.2: Many new features are added to this version.


    New application Etecad DWG DXF Convert a batch DWG/DXF bi-directional converter as well as a version file converter which is now included in the EFM Subscription version.

    Full support for AutoCAD 2005.



    Our CADSlide utility was chosen as �Tool of the Week� by the - �Ultimate CAD Shareware Directory�.


    Released EFM version 2.4.1 including:

    • Merge PDF - utility to make a single PDF file from a set of separate PDF files.

    • Batch convert TIF, WMF, EMF files to PDF.



    Released EFM version 2.3.3 including:

    Full support for AutoCAD 2004.

    DWGConvert includes conversion from AutoCAD 20004 to other earlier versions without AutoCAD.

    THe new DWG Viewer 2004 supports:

    • True Type Fonts.

    • Rendering capabilities.

    • Viewing and printing embedded raster images.


    Released EFM version 2.3.2 including

    • AutoCAD 2004 supportes all functions beside  the DWG viewer for new 2004 format (the DWG viewer should be coming soon).  

    • EFM has been further integrated with AutoCAD, EFM can be use as a COM Server. 

    • Document Properties (for DWG  and MS Office documents) supported for viewing and searching (without opening documents); 

    • XML format implemented for storing file descriptions.

    • Added ECW and CALS file formats .

    EFMConvert - a new application for Batch Converting DWG to DXF and vise versa  without AutoCAD, now included with the EFM subscription (is available under special request EFMConvert is also a file version converter between AutoCAD 2000/2002 and AutoCAD 14 as well as other earlier versions.

     The beta version with AutoCAD 2004 converting (as above) is available for evaluation under special request(

    CADSlide 1.2 now supports viewing and editing of AutoCAD Hatch Patterns (PAT) files.




        EFM support forum  is now available.

        Questions, comments, suggestions, etc... are welcome.

        Released EFM version 2.2.3 - lot of minor bug fixed,

        improved Evaluation Version under Windows XP/2000.

    CADSlide - a new application for managing AutoCAD slides (SLD) and Slide Libreries (SLB) , now included with the EFM subscription (click for details ) .



       Released EFM version 2.2.2, including:

    • Added dual-pane file management windows; 

    • DWG to PDF converting (DWG viewer);

    • Print drawings to scale, or scaled to fit (DWG viewer);

    • Map colors to pen widths on printing (DWG viewer);

    • Added TIFF formats (CTITT G.3, G,4, FAX);

    • Added Image processing to the raster file viewer.


       Released EFM version 2.2.1, including:

    • InstaSlide - a new application that allows quick and simple creation of slide presentations (now included with the EFM Subscription) (click for details )

    • improved Search facility*

    • added internal Pack/Unpack feature**

    • more thumbnail support features***



       Released EFM version 2.1.3, including:

    • Improved Explorer Tree (View Desktop, Network Neighborhood);

    • Fast Select/Unselect buttons;

    • Viewing of DWG with XREF in Paper Space (DWG Viewer) problem now fixed.

       Released product flavors: LT, LT/PLT, LT/DWG


       Released EFM version 2.1.2, including the new PLT viewer with the following enhancements:

    • Allow much faster operation;

    • Show raster images;

    • Convert (save as) to: DWF, WMF, PDF, TIFF, PNG, PCX formats;

    • Show PLT properties.


       Released EFM version 2.1





    Search by Name option of the Find dialig now allows the use of the "+" sign to implement the AND condition. (For example, the expression "pr + room;st + wall" will find suchl files as project_room1.dwg, project_room2.plt, store1_wall.dwg etc.)




    View as Thumbnails button allows displaying search results as thumbnails.




    Unpack now supports the following file types: ZIP, GZ, BH, LHA, LZH, RAR. JAR , CAB, ARJ, ARC, ACE, ZOO
    Pack now supports the following file types: ZIP, CAB, LHA, JAR, GZ, BH.
    Archiving now supports self-extacting .EXE files, including creation of multidisk archives.





    The thumbnails' background color now can be changed to white.




    The thumbnails can now be printed as an album.




    The PLT flavors of the product (EFM/LTPLT, EFM Standard and LT Subscription ) now support the viewing of PLT files as thumbnails.